new year’s resolutions

hi!! i’m writing a short intro post about my new year’s resolutions to start us off, because otherwise i will lose my nerve and never blog — also, i’m going to be making a longer blog post ab my amateur “spirituality” / wellness journey later on… when i think more things out. without further ado,… Continue reading new year’s resolutions

“Cool Girl” Trope

A phrase for the amorphous but perpetual insecurities many are engulfed by in popular media, “Cool Girl” was coined by author Gillian Flynn in her thriller novel Gone Girl. Now the term “cool girl” isn’t as self explanatory as you might think: not merely a girl who is cool, it actually describes the way that… Continue reading “Cool Girl” Trope

me at 14: aka my new year’s reflection & resolutions

New Year's Day, 2019. My friend and I are posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

so. i’m gradually getting closer and closer to the big one-five! halfway to thirty, anyone? considering that my friends are all pretty much 15 or 16 already, no one seems to understand the weird limbo i’m in right now – 14 seems awfully young (i mean so does 15), but do i want to let… Continue reading me at 14: aka my new year’s reflection & resolutions

gift ideas

because obviously, making this post in time for the holidays is just too USEFUL of me – and i wouldn’t want to be off brand, am i right? anyway, i am going to make a list of ~interesting~ gift ideas from the selection around my room. some, i would actually like to receive; some, i’d… Continue reading gift ideas


sigh. what is it with me & constantly wanting to write about artists the day they’re performing in my area but i can’t go???? it’s TRAGIC because every concert is such a fucking amazing experience & they’re my happy place, ESPECIALLY if i LOVE the artist & their music & i have a special connection. last… Continue reading Mitski