editorial ideas (july 4 2023, china time)

– purple, yellow hues. purple for royalty and yellow for the sun. nothing more i could dream of
– interesting textures and detailing (thinking ornate embroidery from diff cultures; patterns from the middle east)
– clothes as ritual
– weights (see below — metals are what inspired my thought of weights, but not the only weight; heft and material changes fit)
– metals (think chains, whether gold or silver, lesser metals; functional chains; the lack thereof; fake metals; spikes; flash flash flash)
– friendship bracelets and how they embody a relationship, memories, connection, also spiritual gifts/debt (opposite of the negative connotation, in the way that one jumps at the opportunity to give a friend help etc etc in the name of cementing friendship; openly given with no ask in return except friendship and camaraderie; the act of giving as ritual; creation)
– DIY cuts (at first thinking haircuts, but now thinking other sorts of cuts, too…)


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