new year’s resolutions

hi!! i’m writing a short intro post about my new year’s resolutions to start us off, because otherwise i will lose my nerve and never blog — also, i’m going to be making a longer blog post ab my amateur “spirituality” / wellness journey later on… when i think more things out. without further ado, here goes!

2021 resolutions: be more intentional

  1. meditate & yoga daily
  2. manifestation / law of attraction
  3. SWEATTTTT — aka me trying to get into fitness
    1. be able to do 40 push-ups in a row at the end of this year
    2. get my splits! (january i’m working on middle)
    3. be able to bend backward into a bridge
    4. be able to do a handstand for 30 seconds
    5. find a workout plan & stick to it — even if only for 2 weeks!
  4. get close w my little brother bryan
  5. prioritize having a good relationship w my family — it’s my last semester at home as a high schooler!
  6. HYDRATE — drink 5 glasses of water a day?
  7. deepen friendships & open up to new ones
  8. higher vibrations & energy babyyyy
  9. more selflessness
  10. get into buddhism & spirituality
  11. learn 5 poems in chinese
  12. social media detox for 2 weeks
  13. april: write a poem every day
  14. watch 10+ educational documentaries
  15. read 60+ books! add me on goodreads here 🙂
  16. more random acts of kindness
  17. embody bad b*tch energy

i add to this list in my personal notion all the time but for now i think this is solid! i have a goals page where i track my goals and progress a tiny bit better, but i’m getting this written down for now. sending love & peace & joy to you all <33

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